Sheri Sandison Encouragement Award

This annual award, first presented in 2011 in recognition of the key role Sheri Sandison played in the formation of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Vascular Nursing and becoming the inaugural Chairperson/President. While now retired; Sheri continues to be a role model; someone who made a difference in the lives of people with vascular disease.
This annual award is for an individual member who identifies with vascular as a career pathway and is a valuable opportunity to recognise ANZSVN members who are “coming up through the ranks” in their local workplace.
The recipient of the SHERI SANDISON ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD will receive a certificate, trophy and $1,000.
Nominations to and close Friday 12th July 2019

Sheri Sandison Encouragement Award Nomination Form - PDF or Word doc


Nurse of the Year

This award has been established in 2009 to publicly acknowledge the achievements of vascular nurses and encourage professional development.
Open to Nurses registered with the Australian or New Zealand Registering Authority who work in any vascular related clinical field. The nominee must have contributed to advance vascular nursing practice within their clinical area, display a commitment to the profession of vascular nursing, actively share their knowledge with their peers and undertake self-directed learning.
The recipient of the ANZSVN NURSE OF THE YEAR AWARD will receive a certificate, trophy, honour board (for the workplace) plus $1,000.
Nominations to and close Friday 12th July 2019

Vascular Nurse of the Year Nomination Form - PDF or Word doc


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